Anytime Fitness Prices & Review

Anytime Fitness is a health fitness center with over 3 thousand locations across the Unites States and the world. Living up to its name, Anytime Fitness is open 365 days of the year, 24 hours daily.

Services include a variety of group and individual fitness classes, personal trainers and gym equipment. Anytime Fitness offers affordable gym membership with secure and highly effective programs.

History Of Anytime Fitness

Anytime Fitness was founded in 1983 by Dave Mortensen, Chuck Runyon and Jeff Klinger. It has grown from its first location in San Leandro, California to over a thousand centers world-wide.

By franchising its operations, Anytime Fitness grew exponentially with more locations and increased memberships. Quality of service is maintained by regular interactions between the franchisee and the main office.

As their name states, Anytime Fitness locations are open 24/7, equipped with state of the art gym equipment and wide-ranging group and personalized fitness programs. With Anytime Fitness, the fitness journey is convenient, affordable and fun.

Benefits Of Joining Anytime Fitness

With joining Anytime Fitness, pursuing a healthy lifestyle becomes easy. Locations are spread out around the globe and most locations are open 24/7. Workouts are combined with fun and are highly individualized.

Anytime Fitness facilities offers high quality equipment along with state of the art security systems that provides an efficient and secure environment for your fitness journey. Memberships include access to all clubs at no additional cost.

Personal Trainer Policy At Anytime Fitness

In addition to quality exercise equipment, most Anytime Fitness locations offer personal training services. Personal training will help members move beyond and breakout from fitness ruts.

Certified personal trainers will help design a smart exercise program specifically designed for meeting personal fitness goals. Personal trainers will keep members engaged and accountable until agreed results are met.

Anytime Fitness Review

Having access to all locations 24/7 offers flexibility which ensures that members can pursue their personal health goals at their own convenience. Members can work out day or night or whichever works for you.

Anytime Fitness locations are packed with quality gym equipment for cardiovascular machine to free weights. The gym equipment is well maintained and consoles are regularly monitored and updated if needed.

Other amenities like tanning beds and massage rooms are available in some locations. What members appreciate though is the 24/7 security features in all clubs.

All Anytime Fitness staff, from the front desk to personal trainers, are friendly and accommodating. Personal trainers remain engaged and motivating through-out a member’s fitness journey. This approach guarantees a shared success once goals are achieved.

Quality fitness equipment, variety of classes, secure access, 24/7 availability and freedom to have a workout on your convenience together with membership fees comparatively more affordable than other fitness clubs make Anytime Fitness the club of choice by most.

Anytime Fitness Membership Fees / Costs

To join Anytime Fitness, guests need to pay an initiation fee of $49.99, a one-time $35 fee for a key fob and a membership fee for individual members. Guests can choose between monthly or annual contracts with the club.

Couples can also enroll in the gym at a discounted rate compared to applying individually. These fees may vary and it is best to check on the Anytime Fitness location nearest you.

Membership provides access to all locations at any time of the day. Members would also be able to avail all basic features in all participating locations.

Membership cancellation policies are dependent on the location you joined. Members who intend to discontinue their service are encouraged to review their Membership Agreement and home gym office for details.

Anytime Fitness Guest Pass

Anytime Fitness has a free 7-day gym pass that can be availed online. Upon filling out a form, guests need to pay a deposit of $10-$20. This amount is returned if guests don’t with to continue with a full membership after trial.

With the deposit, guests will be given a security fob with a 7-day access to the gym premises. Since it is a free-trial not all amenities are available compared to paying members.

Amenities / Facilities

Each location is equipped with state-of-the-art gym equipment for cardiovascular to body building activities. All equipment regularly go through upkeep and upgrades.

A variety of fitness classes from yoga, Zumba to rigorous spinning classes are available to members. Some locations also have steam and sauna services.

Anytime Fitness membership provides gym access 24 hours, 7 days a week, in every location. Member secure access and safety is guaranteed with personalized key fobs for each client.

Tanning services are also available. Member should inquire through the home gym office to check if the said feature is included in their monthly membership.

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