CrossFit Prices & Review

CrossFit is a brand of physical fitness regimen as well as a fitness philosophy developed in the United States. The brand has a large network consisting of more than 13,000 affiliated gyms worldwide.

Almost half of all CrossFit gyms operate in the United States. High intensity training workouts that consist of lifting, calisthenics, and gymnastics, among others, are what made CrossFit.

History of CrossFit

CrossFit was first conceptualized by Greg Glassman as a physical fitness regimen and routine. In 2000, the CrossFit brand and company was established by Glassman along with Lauren Jenai.

The first and the original CrossFit gym was established in Santa Cruz, California. Now, it has many branches worldwide.

Different CrossFit branches operate from Monday to Friday on normal working hours. Moreover, some are open on weekends, except Sundays, to accommodate working professionals.

Why Join CrossFit?

CrossFit is known to promote workouts of the day (WODs). Aside from the workout programs, CrossFit also offers one-on-one training programs that are essential to the overall fitness requirement of the client.

Unlike other traditional gyms, members like the CrossFit way due to its high-intensity training that mainly consists of aerobics, calisthenics, and weightlifting. Its strength and conditioning programs are unlike others.

CrossFit: Coaching Policies

CrossFit offers personal training provided by certified instructors and coaches. These CrossFit trainers are required to have levels of certification before becoming a certified CrossFit instructor.

CrossFit instructors are available at all Crossfit branches. However, different locations have also different terms when it comes to availability of instructors, including the charges that a client may incur.

CrossFit Review

Some CrossFit locations provide lockers and showers. In the case of the CrossFit branch in New York City, lockers can be rented out overnight or daily.

Due to the high volume of clients, some CrossFit locations offer drop-ins. Drop-ins are endorsement of a client’s home CrossFit affiliate to a near CrossFit affiliate to accommodate a client.

Wherever a CrossFit is located, everyone is welcome – from kids to veteran athletes. Every workout is customized by the instructors to have an overall body result.

Every CrossFit gym is designed to accommodate CrossFit training programs that may require a lot of space. It has space for every gym equipment that are essential to CrossFit courses.

Finally, some CrossFit locations, which provide childcare, are available for a certain fee. And, these childcare facilities can be included or excluded from your membership.

Joining Fees for CrossFit

CrossFit has wide-ranging membership options. These options, however, are dependent on the area of CrossFit location. Varying prices and discounts are being offered by different CrossFit affiliates.

For example, an Annual CrossFit Membership may cost around 165.00 US dollars per month to 180.00 US dollars if paid full. However, different trainings and programs are not inclusive.

Moreover, a CrossFit member may not have access at different CrossFit locations. Another payment could be required before a CrossFit can visit a different affiliate.

Short-term memberships are also available. Monthly unlimited classes, which do not require a client to come in regularly, are priced from 180.00 US dollars per month to 325.00 US dollars.

CrossFit’s Trial Passes

A free Saturday introductory class is free of charge. This specific class is recommended for those who want to try CrossFit for one week.

Furthermore, these introductory classes, which are scheduled during the weekends, are branch-dependent. No guest passes are needed to avail the orientation. A 7-day free trial will be provided after the introductory classes.

CrossFit Amenities

Different CrossFit gyms provide different kinds of amenities and facilities. Some of the CrossFit locations provide and offer more facilities than others, such as Olympic weightlifting equipment.

CrossFit gyms abide by the general courses and workout plans laid by its founder and Chief Executive Officer. And, these courses are as follows: CrossFit Level 1 Course, Level 2 Trainer Course, Kids Course, Specialty Courses, and Online-based Courses.

In addition to the mentioned courses above, CrossFit also offers private courses, which is charged accordingly. CrossFit customizes workouts and seminars for the military, first responders, and fitness educators.

Classes are either literal classroom seminars or through online workouts for the day (WOD). WODs are provided free-of-charge through the website and are also taught by certified trainers at CrossFit sites.

For more information on CrossFit membership and cost, visit official site .

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