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Curves has over 10,000 branches in more than 85 countries and 919 of which are located in different states in the United States. Curves headquartered in Waco, Texas in the United States.

Curves is famous for its 30-minute physical fitness routine, which caters to women’s strength training and weight loss guidance. The club boasts its women-friendly environment that has easily made it one of the top 10 largest franchise enterprises worldwide.

History of Curves

Curves was first established in Harlingen in Texas in 1992 by Gary Heavin and his wife. Its women-only environment immediately became a success and almost instantly became a go-to franchise concept, with its first branch’s opening in 1999.

Curves locations are scattered US-wide and in several cities in 85 countries worldwide. The franchise is known as Fit Curves in former Soviet states.

Curves’ different locations differ in operating hours. Nonetheless, almost all of its branches operate from weekdays from 6:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m., then from 3:00 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.

Advantages of Joining Curves

The Curves franchise is a women-only wellness facility that is proud of its women-friendly environment. This kind of setup is particularly helpful if the client is a woman, especially those who are not fond of co-ed environment.

Curves members are offered with modified circuit training. Members are assured by the management of a supportive environment and direct results after taking the Curves 30-minute training programs.

Personal Trainer Policy at Curves

Curves offers coaches who will provide clients with the regimen that comes from either the Curves Circuit or Curves Complete program. The management assures results from either program after a specified time spent with a coach.

Similar with other wellness and health clubs, Curves coaches, especially the circuit coaches, will help first time Curves clients to be motivated and immediately show results.  Coaches also provide assessments for the clients before and after workouts.

Curves Review

It is imperative that every gym has its own locker or locker rooms. In Curves, locker rooms are spacious, changing rooms are large, well-lit, and, of course, clean. The locker rooms have private showers and other amenities.

However, not all Curves branches have locker rooms, they offer open cubicles instead. Similarly, some branches do not have shower rooms, especially those considered low-end locations. In lieu of the showers, these branches provide small private changing rooms.

One downside of being a Curves member is if you have a child. Curves does not offer child care facilities which restricts women with children to workout.

Nevertheless, Curves ensures that every client will be respected. Its women-only policy transcends even to its fitness programs. Every program, including the facilities, in Curves are solely designed for women.

Lastly, Curves locations allow men to utilize Curves facilities. In addition, some locations also employ men. Most of the time these employed men are business owners, who wants to have a hands-on support.

Curves: Cost of Membership

Enrollment fees as well as monthly fees are dependent on branch locations. Most of the branches have three membership types: Curves, Curves Smart, and Curves Complete. Membership fees range from $35.00 to $50.00 every month.

Some Curves branches have their own terms and conditions. In particular, some branches charge termination or cancellation fees. Curves advises its prospective clients to avail its 7-day guest pass before getting a membership.

Membership in one Curves location is not honored in other Curves branches. However, Curves processes transfer and travel policies, in case you want to transfer from one Curves location to another. Prices vary per location.

Curves has also non-long term commitment memberships. This membership term provides easier membership cancellation. However, different termination policies are honored by different Curves branches.

Availing Curves Guest Passes

Varying Curves branches have varying offers regarding guest passes. However, guest passes are sometimes free, but most of the time trial passes should be bought.

Guest passes can be a seven-day pass, two-week pass, or a 30-day pass. Joining through guest passes is sometimes complimentary, particularly those seven-day passes. Completing an online form, depending on your location, is all that it takes for one to get a guest pass.

Facilities by Curves

Curves offers different machines required for the 30-minute circuit training program: machines for the abs, chest leg extension, leg curl, among others. Aside from the fitness machines, classes are also being offered by the Curves.

Some of classes being offered by Curves are the following: cardio, boxing, body basics, and balance. The classes also depend on what kind of program you prefer.

Curves also provides total body workout programs, including complete dietary plans called as Curves Meal Plans. A Curves Complete member will also get access to “Plan and Track” that is used to monitor overall fitness progress.

Most of the time the classes, programs, and the amenities depend on the location as well as the type of membership that you have. Curves and Curves Complete are also dependent on the Curves location.

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