The Little Gym Prices & Review

The Little Gym, which mainly operates from its headquarters in Scottsdale in Arizona, has already over 300 franchises in 29 countries worldwide. The Little Gym caters to children from four months old to 12 years old.

The Little Gym is known to provide values enrichment and physical development in the child’s early age. The Little Gym gives importance, aside from providing these benefits, on playing and learning at the same time.

History of The Little Gym

The first The Little Gym branch was established in Bellevue in Washington in 1976 by the kinesiologist, Robin Wes. The Little Gym is envisioned by Wes to provide a child a holistic development.

The Little Gym owes its success to its three-point philosophy – Get Moving, Brain Boost, and Citizen Kid. All of which are ensured by the Little Gym to gain results.

Apart from the three-point philosophy, the 40-year experience of The Little Gym provides a different level of development for a child. The three-dimensional learning helps a child to be well-rounded.

Benefits of Joining The Little Gym / Why Members Like The Little Gym?

The Little Gym boasts 40 years of service. The experience of the Little Gym, along with the fun classes and other educational stuff, provide parents assurance. It is also partnered with by major companies.

Member-children have also the privilege to experience what The Little Gym partners will offer. Lego Duplo, Lego Juniors, and the Nickelodeon are the known partners of the Little Gym in providing services.

Personal Trainer Policy at The Little Gym

The Little Gym offers instructors who will both provide the learning and the physical development a child needs. All the Little Gym instructors are well-versed in early childhood education and development.

These instructors are unlike their adult gym counterparts. There are three types: the instructor, the birthday instructor, and the Kindermusik instructor. All of which respond to the philosophy of the Little Gym.

The Little Gym Review

The Little Gym also acts as a childcare facility for parents. Some of the offerings by the Little Gym enable parents to do what they need to do for the day.

Aside from the physical development, parents are also assured by the Little Gym that their children are also trained intellectually. The Little Gym’s instructors ensure this.

There’s no better time to come to the Little Gym. Especially, if you are parent who is busy or who just wants to have his child to be trained.

The parents love the format of the Little Gym and the professional staffs that accompany their child. Moreover, the family-friendly place is well-liked by parents.

Lastly, The Little Gym is sure to be clean and child-friendly. In addition, The Little Gym ensures the safety not only of the children, but also the security of the parents.

The Little Gym Membership Fees / Costs

The Little Gym offers varying costs for memberships in different locations. Generally, there are two modes of membership – the annual membership and the monthly membership.

Monthly membership fee costs at about 79.00 US dollars per month while the annual family membership costs about 50.00 US dollars every year. Both memberships provide different kinds of perks.

For every initial membership, the second child to be enrolled in the Little Gym will be given a 20 percent discount. This also depends on the location of the Little Gym.

Lastly, the Little Gym does not charge cancellations or early termination. However, the Little Gym requires the cancelling client to provide a 30-day notice before the cancellation date.

The Little Gym Guest Pass

Trying out The Little Gym before availing either monthly or annual memberships is paramount. The Little Gym offers one-day passes for the parents just so the kids can have a try first.

The price per class varies from location to location. But generally, non-members of The Little Gym are charged 33.00 US dollars a day for one kid.

Amenities / Facilities

The Little Gym offers different classes and tools to help in the child’s development early on. Aside from that, parties and camps are provided by the Little Gym.

The Little Gym has also different kind of classes, which are offered to different age groups. The classes are the following: Parent/Child Pre-K Gymnastics, Grade School Gymnastics, Dance, Sports Skills, Karate, Kindermusik, and the WonderKids Club.

The mentioned classes are designed to help develop all the necessary skills needed by the child. Facilities provided by the partner companies of the Little Gym add more to the classes.

Lastly, there are three programs that are being offered by the Little Gym. These are the Parents’ Survival Night, the Practice Time, and the Let’s Build and Let’s Play.

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