Title Boxing Club Prices & Review

Title Boxing Club is known for their boxing and kickboxing classes that empower their members through challenges that uplift both the body and the mind.

They are found in 170 locations all over the US, and even outside the US, like in Cancun, Mexico. Each franchise has its own schedule of classes and experienced trainers to serve its members.

History of Title Boxing Club

Founded in 2008 by three businessmen, including former boxer Danny Campbell, Title Boxing Club is one of the fastest growing franchises from Franworth Company.

It is ranked as #1607 franchise in Inc. Magazine’s 5000 due to the dedication of its owners and trainers to deliver a fierce workout to all its members.

The gym opens around 6 AM and closes at around 9 PM on weekdays, with shorter hours during the weekend. This may vary from each location.

Benefits of Joining Title Boxing Club

Using 100-pound heavy bags and different combinations of core and cardio exercises, their boxing and kickboxing classes give the whole body the workout it needs.

There are options from 30- up to 75-minute classes that include warm-up, rounds, active rest, core strengthening, and cool down. This would benefit both those with a busy lifestyle and those who are dedicated to become boxing champions.

Personal Trainer Policy at Title Boxing Club

Members may choose between Private or Group Training, with unlimited number of classes included in the membership. The services of experienced trainers are also included, so there is no need to bring a different trainer.

Trainers are qualified and experienced to encourage and inspire the members. They also receive continuous training at the club to further enhance their skills in training the club members.

Title Boxing Club Review

Typically, classes run from 7 AM to 7 PM. But there are some locations that open as early as 5:30 AM and close at 9 PM. Best hour to come would be one that matches your schedule.

The gym caters to anyone who wishes to workout, may it be for weight loss or competition or just to relieve stress. People of all ages and gender may join, though it is not recommended for very young children.

The style of each workout varies from trainer to trainer, and may also be modified for each member’s needs. You may want to try different classes with different trainers just to see what works best for you.

The facilities and equipment are cleaned and maintained by the staff of the gym before, during, and after sessions. Though keeping the hand wraps and gloves for loan from smelling like old sweat is difficult.

Most locations have a private shower for members to use, though you need to bring your own soap, shampoo and other essentials. Locker availability also depends on each location.

Title Boxing Club Membership Fees / Costs

There are two options for membership: 1) Title Card – for an annual membership; and 2) Club Card – for those who can commit a month at a time, with the option to shift to an annual membership at any time.

Most pay an enrolment fee of $149 and $79 per month. Members may opt for annual membership to pay only $69 per month plus $99 enrolment or pay for the whole year, for $59 per month with no enrolment fee.

These fees are only estimates as each location may differ. There are also membership options that would allow members to join classes at just one location, or to join from all locations with an additional fee.

Membership at Title Boxing Club entitles members to join unlimited classes with any of the trainers at their preferred location. You are encouraged to bring your own hand wraps for hygienic purposes, though there are wraps available for loan.

Title Boxing Club Guest Pass

Some locations offer a free trial class with no membership commitments, though there are some that do not. Just search for the location nearest you, to sign up for a trial class.

There are also options for one, three, or six classes for a certain fee for those who can’t commit to a full month due to a busy lifestyle or just want to try classes before committing to a membership.

Amenities / Facilities

Most of the space is occupied by a rack with 100-pound punching bags hanging from it. A small portion is dedicated to a boxing ring and another to a collection of weights.

Members may choose to train in either boxing or kickboxing formats. They may also join the group training or have a private session with the trainer. Classes may range from 30-minute classes, to 45-, 60-, and 75-minute classes.

Members may opt to take any of the services, formats, and classes that they want with no additional fee. Showers are available at certain locations for members to wash up after training.

It is recommended that members bring their own gear (hand wraps, boxing gloves, etc.), but these equipment are also available for loan and for sale.

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