Planet Fitness Prices & Review

One of the gyms that offer the lowest amount for membership is Planet Fitness. They feature a Judgement Free Zone® and Lurk™ Alarm, ensuring that all customers, of all sizes and shapes are welcome and won’t be “gymtimidated” in any way.

As of March 2017, there are 1,313 branches in 48 states, the district of Columbia, Puerto Rico, Canada and Dominican Republic and is considered as the fastest growing gym in America.

History of Planet Fitness

Planet Fitness rooted from brothers Mike and Marc Grondahl who both hated their jobs. So as a first move they bought a branch of Gold’s Gym that was near bankruptcy and in that, they got evicted.

Though their first venture didn’t work out well, started anew with Coastal Fitness in a new location in 1993 which then took the name Planet Fitness in 1994 where they hired they’re current CEO, Chris Rondeau to help out.

Planet Fitness started out at a pricing of $99 a year, without any guarantees of renewal sign-ups that is why in five years they experimented on different price range until the $10 a month clicked to the public.

Since they started franchising in 2003, they have expanded well with 1,225 franchise branches and 58 corporate-owned branches.

Benefits Of Joining Planet Fitness

What keeps the clients hooked with Planet Fitness is its $10 per month and $19.99 for membership cost which is fairly cheaper as for other gyms that cost around $30-$50 a month.

Another perk that one can acquire in this gym is you can control your own pace it is intended for those still starting with gyms. They also serve free pizzas and bagels at certain times of the month as treats from time to time.

Personal Trainer Policy At Planet Fitness

Planet Fitness’ approach to Personal Trainers is called Physical Education at Planet Fitness (PE@PF) wherein a trainer will be able to train a class of 5 people with workouts customized based on one’s  fitness goals, medical history and exercise background.

If you prefer working alone, they also features a PF-30 minute Express Circuit with 20 different workout machines while being under the red and green light system wherein you start workout at a green light and stop at red light.

Planet Fitness Review

Equipment in Planet Fitness is enough for their clients and is always kept clean by their staff at all times. The variety of machines will be specifically in good use for those average and casual gym users.

More people flock to PF as it is a low-cost gym, so most of the concern is cleanliness of the bathrooms. Though maintenance depends really on the branch owner, it is still known to be less clean than other brands.

The staffs in PF are approachable. In fact, free Tootsie Rolls are at the front desk to encourage connections of client and staffs. The occasional free pizzas and bagels are also said to be for bringing people together without judgements.

Planet Fitness’ overall setup is mostly for individual trainings and development without the supervision of trainers. This is for when you are looking for a place to start and not the intense workout type.

In an effort of keeping the low cost in Planet Fitness, they do not offer child care and group classes and they limit their employees per branch to only 12.

Planet Fitness Membership/Cost

Planet fitness is only offering two kinds of plans for its clients. One is the no contract $10 per month while the other one is the PF Black Card for membership at $19.99 per month.

The no contract $10 deal from PF includes unlimited use of the equipment. Other freebies that come with it are a T-shirt and unlimited access to home club.

For the membership, the additional perks are the use of card in any branch, guest privileges, the use of tanning bed, use of massage chairs, half the price of drinks, Pizza Mondays and Bagel Tuesdays and 20% off at Reebok.

Planet Fitness requires  a $5 signup fee and if desired to cancel a 12 month agreement before it ends, you can pay a $58 buyout fee. 

Planet Fitness Guest Pass

Planet Fitness Black Card members are allowed to bring one guest per visit as long as the guest will present a photo ID in their visit.

Guests are allowed the unlimited use of equipment. However, they are not permitted to use the amenities available such as the massage chair and tanning beds.


In spirit of keeping everything low cost, Planet Fitness offers only limited amenities to its members. They offer the unlimited use of the tanning beds, unlimited use of the massage chairs and unlimited use of the Hydromasage haircuts.

While working out, they have flat screen televisions and Physical Fitness radio is alaso available to those who want to be listening to music while working out.

PF has activities such as Pizza Nights during the first Mondays of the month and Bagel Mornings during second Tuesdays of the month in lieu of the “no judgement zone”, giving clients chances to treat themselves once in a while.

Lastly, instead of bananas like most gyms have, they have tootsie rolls on the front desk as a reward to clients after their every workout.

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