Retro Fitness Prices & Review

Retro Fitness has more than 150 locations nationwide and a member can choose to work out in any of these branches. This provides flexibility for those who travel around.

The main goal of Retro Fitness is to help get members the results they want. This is achieved through modern facilities and professional staff.

History of Retro Fitness

Retro Fitness had its humble beginnings with a single studio which has grown into a franchise of more than 150 gyms. More branches are being built and investors are encouraged.

Whether a member wants to improve his resistance or build lean muscle mass, Retro Fitness has the right equipment and classes. They cater to professional athletes as well as the occasional gym-goer.

Retro Fitness gyms are open all week, and all year round. And with a single membership, all of the more than 150 gyms can be accessed.

Benefits of Joining Retro Fitness

Retro Fitness offers a free guest pass for non-members by registering on their site. This lets new joiners get a feel of their facilities and services first before purchasing a full membership.

With over 150 locations across the United States, members are sure to find one near them. And for travelling members, they can their membership on all Retro Fitness gyms.

Personal Trainer Policy at Retro Fitness

Retro Fitness can provide a personal trainer for members who are new to working out. Members are given workout routines that they can follow so progress is monitored.

Bringing along a personal trainer is allowed but he or she must also become a Retro Fitness member. Any of the available packages can be availed by both member and personal trainer.

Retro Fitness Review

With modern facilities and state-of-the-art exercise equipment, Retro Fitness aims to make working out more effective and a lot safer. Added to that is the funky color motif of the gyms that is sure make exercise more fun.

Cleanliness of the facilities comes first at Retro Fitness. Gyms can be a harbor for germs and viruses so the staff makes sure the whole area and the equipment are squeaky clean.

Members need to bring along only the proper workout clothes when they go to any Retro Fitness branch. All the exercise equipment are provided.

Retro Fitness gyms make sure that workout areas are ample. Nobody wants to work out in an overcrowded gym and line up for the weights and the machines.

The gyms are open the whole week, and any member can go to any branch. Some would opt to work out late at night to avoid the crowd.

Retro Fitness Membership Fees

Free guest pass is offered to those non-members who want to try out Retro Fitness’ facilities and services. If they decide to continue, membership fees apply depending on the package.

Monthly costs depend on the desired package. Joiners get bigger savings on higher valued options, which is great for those who are seriously into training.

Schedules for Retro Fitness gyms differ from branch to branch. Check their site for the available gym schedules of the nearest branch.

There are different membership packages available starting at $19.99 monthly. The more options availed, the higher the cost.

Retro Fitness Guest Pass

Guest pass is available for free after a quick registration through their website. Those who avail of the VIP packages can bring along a friend for free anytime.

The free guest pass is perfect for those who are trying out the facilities of Retro Fitness. It’s also great for those who want to transfer from another gym.


Retro fitness has facilities for both aerobic and anaerobic workout routines. Members can choose to improve resistance or pack on lean muscles.

They have all the equipment needed for any workout routine that members want to take on. From free weights to specialized exercise machines, the members’ exercise needs are covered.

What makes exercising more fun and motivating at Retro Fitness is the funky retro color motif of the gym and machines. Members will also work out with the coolest trainers in the country.

Trainers and staff are well trained and courteous in all Retro Fitness gyms. Customer service is their top priority.

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