Snap Fitness Prices & Review

Snap Fitness is one of the biggest gym franchises in the world with over 2000 locations across the globe. Each member can go to any of their gyms.

Snap Fitness aims to change lives with a community that is results-driven. This ensures that members get their money’s worth.

History of Snap Fitness

Snap Fitness was founded by Peter Taunton and since then has grown exponentially. It now boasts of more than 2000 clubs across 18 countries.

More and more Snap Fitness gyms are being opened through franchising. Investors are also welcome to join and earn while helping people get better lives through exercise.

Snap Fitness gyms are open 24/7 and all year. And since membership is accepted across all branches, members have the convenience of choosing the nearest gym when they travel.

Benefits of Joining Snap Fitness

Snap Fitness’ Fitpass allows non-members to get a feel of their facilities and services before committing on a full membership. This offer is only available on their website.

More than 2000 Snap Fitness are open or being opened across 18 countries. Membership from one club is accepted in all which is convenient who travel a lot.

Personal Trainer Policy at Retro Fitness

Snap Fitness provide personal trainers for members who want to get a more personalized program. Workout routines are provided and progress is closely monitored.

Members can bring along a workout body who is also a personal trainer as long as he or she enrolls also with Snap Fitness. They even offer certifications for personal trainers.

Snap Fitness Review

Snap Fitness has 2000 locations across the globe and is still growing. Each member may choose to work out at the nearest branch in his or her current location.

Gyms are open 24 hours all year so members don’t have to wait for the doors to open. This is designed to fit the members’ busy schedules.

Members can choose from different packages offered by Snap Fitness. And there is no long term binding contract so they can opt to sign out whenever they want.

Snap Fitness facilities and equipment are kept clean according to local and international standards. Members will always have access to clean lockers and shower rooms.

From free weights to exercise machines, Snap Fitness lets its members use only the best equipment in the industry. Members can opt for strength training or cardio.

Snap Fitness Membership Fees

A 30-day Fitpass is offered for non-members. All they have to do is register online via their website and they can have a feel of Snap Fitness services and facilities.

Snap Fitness offers simple membership packages for new joiners. They can opt for single or family membership, both of which are subject to a program fee and an access card fee.

All gym branches are open 24 hours so there’s no need to line up for the opening. Snap Fitness is dedicated to provide workout facilities for its busiest members.

Membership on any of Snap Fitness branches allows access to all of its 2000 clubs. Joiners only need to pay for the program fee and the access card fee.

Snap Fitness Guest Pass

Snap Fitness’ Fitpass offer non-members the chance of a lifetime with a 30-day free access to all its facilities. Online registration is required to avail of this promo.

Fitpass is perfect for beginners or those transferring from another gym. They get to check out Snap Fitness clubs without spending a dime.


Need to improve cardio resistance or build lean muscle mass? Snap Fitness has got its members’ workout needs covered with state-of-the-art facilities and equipment.

Each equipment and program has been specially designed to provide maximum results in every workout. Safety is also ensured through regular checkups.

Enroll in one branch and workout in any branch. That’s Snap Fitness’ answer to busy travelers who need their workout fix wherever they go.

Staff and trainers undergo intensive training through certified courses. Snap Fitness ensures customer service is always top priority.

For more information on Snap Fitness membership and cost, visit official site

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