Your World Fitness Prices & Review

Your World Fitness is a family sport training center located in Spring Grove Illinois. It currently has over 1000 registered members and continues to grow.

With a family and team-centered model, Your World Fitness trainers assist members reach their fitness goals and encourage athletic involvement within reasonable prices.

History Of Your World Fitness

Your World Fitness’ only location is at Spring Grove, Illinois. It is open from 5:00 AM – 10:00 PM on weekdays and shorter hours of 6:00 AM – 4:00 PM (Saturday) and 6:00 AM – 3:00 PM (Sunday) on weekends.

The location offers Athlete Performance Training, Group Fitness Classes like Pilates and Yoga, Zumba and Personal Training Services. Your World Fitness started as a family sport training center and continues to promote these ideals even with extended training services.

Benefits Of Joining Your World Fitness

Being part of Your World Fitness encourages members to reach their physical athletic potential with fun and team oriented activities.

They have age appropriate activities that allow for members to reach fitness goals on similar paces thus allowing for a communal experience of achievement.

Personal Trainer Policy At Your World Fitness

Personalized athletic training is one of the core tenets of Your World Fitness. Members interested in custom-fitted fitness training programs can avail any of the various personal training packages the club holds.

Personal training packages range from $390 – $1320 for a series of personalized sessions with club membership fees. Training activities can focus on either weight loss, nutrition or performance enhancement.

Your World Fitness Review

Your World Fitness is a family-type gym that has members that come from all age groups. There are age-appropriate classes that specializes on each groups fitness and healthcare needs.

Fitness trainers are dedicated to members and meeting goals. Trainers use old-fashioned exercise and nutrition centered routines to get results within safe and healthy confines. They do not rely on pills, shakes and other supplementary products for members to achieve goals.

The club offers standard fitness equipment to use during member visits. Most equipment available are for cardio and spinning. Some members are requesting for more body-building machines.

Locker rooms and shower areas are available and kept clean. Facilities are regularly maintained and necessary upgrades and renovations are done if needed.

Currently, child care services are not available in Your World Fitness. But they offer a Youth Fitness Training programs for teens and pre-teens to improve speed and agility.

Your World Fitness Membership Fees / Costs

Your World Fitness provides their clients with quality service at affordable prices. There are no enrollment fees nor long terms contracts when you enroll in Your World Fitness.

Each new subscription though comes with a free 30-minute personal training sessions. A $35 annual maintenance fee is added upon joining.

Your World Fitness has both a customary and group fitness gym membership. Customary gym membership is $35 monthly and includes unlimited access to cardio center, weight floor and gym equipment. An extra $10 monthly upgrades you to a group fitness membership which allows for unlimited access to all group fitness classes offered.

Subscription is locked up for a year. The paid annual maintenance fee is not refundable if services are cancelled within locked up period.

Your World Fitness Guest Pass

Customers can drop in at Your World Fitness and avail of a 1-day free pass to experience the services offered in the club. Members can also purchase a one-time use drop in class for $10 for either personal use or to give as a gift to friends and loved ones.

One-time drop in sessions can be further extended to a 10-day visit by purchasing a $85 Punch Card. The punch card membership allows access to group fitness classes and the fitness center.

Amenities / Facilities

Your World Fitness offers a variety of classes to match a member’s fitness levels. Athletes looking to maximize their physical capacity can avail of the Athletes Performance Training for intense muscular strength, endurance and flexibility workouts.

For members looking for intensity, they can either choose to take group kettlebells classes for or intense P-90x workouts that includes resistance and body-building training.

A.G.E. sessions are an adult group exercise for active, older adults to want to stay fit, strong and healthy. These activities focus on balance, flexibility and posture. Yoga classes are another alternative

Members that are focused on cardio exercises can participate in Zumba or Spinning classes. Both classes centers on movement that turns exercising into a fitness party!

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