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The Young Men’s Christian Association (YMCA) is a non-profit organization that aims to integrate Christian values in personal growth and community development. It focuses and builds individuals through camps, education, health programs, and volunteerism among many others.

For 173 years, the organization has already served 57 million people in all over the world with their 125 associations globally. Though YMCA has been founded in London, their headquarters is now situated in Switzerland.

History of YMCA

George Williams founded the group on June 6, 1844, with a couple of men, integrating Christian values and principles in particular activities for an individual to possess a healthy body, mind, and spirit. Williams formed the group out of concern for young men’s leisure activities during the Industrial Revolution.

Williams and his friends saw the lack of healthy activities of men journeying from the communities to the cities. They all love to go to bars and brothels. When Williams put up YMCA, the rest of the world saw its benefits and followed suit.

Prime movers of the organization have been awarded with the Nobel Peace Prize inculcates religion, sports, education, child programs, youth developments, and more. Almost in all corners of the world, there will always be a YMCA organization that offers health and wellness.

Benefits of Joining YMCA

Members worldwide can get to enjoy a broad range of activities like swimming, basketball, or tennis. YMCA gyms have stations that integrate state-of-the-art facilities that keep you energized with cardio training, sports, or even dance classes.

Personal trainers would be at your disposal if one needed help to boost the dynamics of exercise. Moreover, YMCA has fitness and diet consultations available for individuals of all ages.

Personal Trainer Policy at YMCA Gyms

There are certified instructors in each gym all over the world to help you reach your fitness goals. They will help motivate you to exercise on the basis of your fitness level and physical condition.

Clients can choose from 30 to 60-minute duration of sessions depending on his or her desired time. One can book and pay for a personal trainer at a day that suits you well.

YMCA Gym Review

YMCA has not only had one of the advanced equipment, but the various centers have incorporated a web and mobile app that tracks your performance and saves your profile. Like in Lancashire UK, there will be hotspots of the said application in their fitness center.

Their fitness studios have a wide station where people can do free weights or do Zumba and Yoga. While some facilities vary with their amenities, one can expect a bowling center, air skate park, an Olympic-sized swimming pool and more.

There are group training and boot camps available for those who wish to have a buddy to motivate them to exercise. And true to their word, YMCA does not only offer a gym-like experience but would also invite you to partake in their community building programs.

They have outdoor education and programs to keep you fit while helping the said community as well. Adult sports and children’s recreational activities like soccer league and gymnastics are available to some centers.

Those coming to the gym with kids can benefit from their daycare center as professional staff can get to watch over your kid when you’re exercising. Members would also know that there’s before and after school care and a couple of health centers for them too.

YMCA Membership Costs

YMCA gyms cater to the community and would like to have them avail of their services. Though their fees differ from each region or nation, the average rate of monthly memberships for children ages 12 and below is $10. Meanwhile, teens within 13 to 18 years old have an initiation fee of $24, a monthly fee of $30, or a referral fee of $24.

Young adults have an admission fee of $69 and a monthly rate of $37, while it’s a $30 fee for referral. Adults have the same initiation fee, but the monthly and referral rate is $56 and $45 respectively.

A family membership will cost $99 with a monthly payment of $88. A referral fee of $71 will occur if it’s under that package. Seniors have a discount of $69 initiation fee, a monthly payment of $53 and referral rate of $43.

A group or family full of seniors might get in with a fee of $99 upon signing, with a monthly fee of $75 and a referral rate of $60.

YMCA Guest Pass

Promo for guest passes differs in each region. For example, YMCA Minnesota offers guest passes to member’s account every year. Youth and adult members get to receive four passes, while double members get to receive eight passes. A family that signs up with YMCA Minnesota receives 12 passes all in all.

Another example is YMCA Grand Haven Michigan where they offer three guest passes to members up to a year’s worth. After the using the guest pass, invited people gets to pay the regular walk-in rates of the particular YMCA fitness center.

Facilities of YMCA Gym

Different features and amenities at YMCA gyms are available for members or those taking programs under YMCA. For one, they have their state-of-the-art equipment and rooms where people can have their sessions and cardio training.

Outdoor facilities include swimming pools, basketball and tennis courts, soccer field, skate parks, running tracks and more. Some YMCA centers just include a multi-complex sports stadium or hall where different group and sports training are held.

Internal amenities include steam, lockers, sauna rooms, and showers. For parents who took their children along with them in YMCA, there are babysitting facilities with professional staff trained in taking care of the children.

Since almost all nations of the world have YMCA centers, every one of them is unique and has its own specialty facilities.

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